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Surgical Abortions

Surgical abortion is 99% effective; less than 1% of patients will require a re-aspiration. Women can feel secure being under direct medical supervision during the abortion process. The length of the procedure will vary depending on how far along you are in the pregnancy. All abortion services include:

  • Individual counseling from a trained counselor who will accompany you throughout the procedure
  • All routine lab work
  • Sonography to evaluate the length of your pregnancy
  • Anesthesias to make the procedure as comfortable as possible yet allow you return to normal, non-strenuous, activity within a day of your procedure.
  • Post-operative exam as needed.
  • Rhogam and a birth control method when indicated.
  • Post-abortion counseling if needed.

Surgical abortion is offered into the third trimester. The process is done through the natural openings of the vagina and cervix. The size of the pregnancy, determined by the ultrasound, and your medical history will be assessed to establish the time needed for a safe process. As the pregnancy gets larger the procedure becomes more complex. Click the links below for detailed information about each procedure.


Medical Abortions

We offer a medical abortion option for women up to 10 weeks. A medical abortion is less invasive and allows women to be in her own home when the abortion occurs.