About Us

Abortion and pregnancy options services are an integral part of total healthcare. We take pride in offering the finest quality abortion care, accompanied by an attitude of warmth and respect. Our goal is to ensure that every woman’s emotional and physical needs are met. Our clinics are renowned for providing excellent medical care and compassionate counseling. We will make every effort to accommodate each individual situation. We are here to serve you.

Dr. Boyd is nationally known for developing abortion procedures and standards of care. He is also recognized for his expertise in pain management and minimizing surgery risk. Dr. Boyd was involved in establishing the National Abortion Federation (NAF) and is a founding member of the Federation’s Board of Directors. NAF serves as a forum for abortion providers and others committed to providing quality abortion services so that they may be accessible to all women.
Dr. Boyd’s wife, Glenna Halvorson-Boyd has served on NAF’s Board of directors and as NAF’s President for two years (1984-1986). She is an accomplished counselor, trainer and consultant with a national reputation for her training of professionals in this field. Dr. Halvorson-Boyd has a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Development.
The Boyds are personally and professionally committed to freedom of choice on a local, state, and national level. Together, the Boyds have developed standards that serve as benchmarks for other abortion facilities throughout the country.

Our Staff:

To ensure high standards of quality care, Dr. Boyd and Co-Director Glenna Halvorson-Boyd, Ph.D., oversee the professional staff at our facilities. The physicians are all experienced specialists in abortion procedures. Our staff also includes registered nurses, and licensed vocational nurses, medical assistants, trained counselors and administrative personnel; they provide an additional level of training and experience.
Our degreed counselors assist and support you before, during and after your abortion. Their specific role is to make your experience here as positive as possible. Just as important, our professional support staff is highly experienced. In other words, you’ll be in competent, caring hands when you come to our facilities. With a staff of both medical and counseling professionals, there is a strong emphasis on in-service training and cross training to provide a coordinated, team approach to full healthcare.

Southwestern Women’s Options

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Southwestern Women's Options

Curtis Boyd, M.D. has been providing pregnancy termination services in New Mexico since June 1972, shortly after abortion services were legalized in New Mexico. Dr. Boyd worked closely with Clergy Consultation for Problem Pregnancies, a national organization dedicated to providing safe abortions and he was one of the first physicians to provide high quality, low cost outpatient procedures in the southwest. We are honored to have Dr. Susan Robinson and Dr. Shelley Sella, both of whom worked with Dr. Tiller, join our staff in 2010 to perform abortions in all trimesters. Dr. Susan Robinson and Dr. Shelley Sella are Board-Certified Ob/Gyns who specialize in third trimester abortion care. New to our staff is Dr. Carmen Landau. She is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and is a specialist in abortion procedures.

Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center

Dallas, Texas

Southwestern Women's TexasSouthwestern Women’s Surgery Center (SWSC), officially opened as a licensed ambulatory surgical center in October of 2009. Formerly the Fairmount Center, the clinic was founded in 1973 by Dr. Curtis Boyd as the first facility in Texas to provide high quality, low cost outpatient abortions. The center’s new licensure allows us to provide abortion services through 21.6 weeks of pregnancy. We are the only clinic in North Texas providing abortion care after 16 gestational weeks. Please contact us for more information about services.